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Jetzt* 499Fr.

Basic Boot Camp Abo für 6 Monate

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*bei Abschluss am Valentinstag

Fitness Classes

Jetzt* 20% Rabatt auf Boot Camp Abo für 3 Monate

Anmelden für Probestunde

*bei Abschluss im Januar

Now* 499Fr.

Basic Boot Camp 6 months pass

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*when purchased on Valentines day

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offenen Tür

24.Oktober 2020

Meret Oppenheim-Str.60

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die Kurse

Now 10 classes
only 179 Fr.
instead of 199 Fr.

Use lunch break actively in Dreispitz region

M.A.X.® Muscle Activity Excellence


It is a 30-minutes group fitness format and is based on structured exercise sequences in which endurance, strength and coordination are trained. This is followed always by 3 different exercises consecutively. The respective load / recovery phase is in the ratio of 45/15 seconds. The endurance exercises are carried out with and without the step. The strength sequences are focusing on the legs and gluteal muscles (with squat and lunge variations), as well as on the torso and core muscles. The coordinative abilities can be found in all the exercises. Also targeted balance exercises are incorporated into the processes.

ByBo Strength & Conditioning


It is a very effective method to build more strength and improve condition.

The training starts with mobility excersies. This increases range of motion, prevents injury and prepares body for an intense workout.

With the help of trainig tools the efficiency of your body in sports and everyday activities will be increased.

6 Wochen

weight loss


wieder ab 12. Juni

Trainigszeiten: 6.30

Mehr info+Anmeldung

Card for 10 classes can be used flexibly for any of the courses . Register Now! 


Reinacherstrasse 267
4053 Basel
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